Services Offered

*All Service Prices Listed are Starting At Prices.
*Full List of Service and Descriptions HERE 

Wavy/Curly/Tight Curl Services

Wavy Cut + Style (Classic) $125
Wavy Cut + Deep Condition $160

Wavy Cut + Scalp Treatment $160

Wavy Cut + Hard Water Removal $160

Wavy Cut + Full Detox $200

Curly Cut Wash + Style (Classic) $125

Curly Cut + Deep Condition $160

Curly Cut + Scalp Treatment $160

Curly Cut + Hard Water Removal $160

Curly Cut + Full Detox $200

Tight Curls Cut + Style (Classic)  $145

Tight Curls Cut + Deep Condition $175

Tight Curls Cut + Scalp Treatment $175

Tight Curl Cut + Hard Water Removal $175

Tight Curl Cut + Full Detox $224

**Tight curl cuts automatically are allotted more time than wavy or curly when booked, Please email me a photo of your curls if you are unsure if you are curly or tight curly! I am more than happy to double check for you :)



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