How Do I Book My First Appointment?

    Please email me, Exact layout for email listed below with the email address! New clients will be placed into my books based on availability! This is typically a few appointments a month. Please expect a mid-day, Weekday appointment. Once you are an existing client, online booking will become available to you. Expected maintenance for a cut is around 4-6 months on average. So please keep this in mind when planning any future appointments! WAIT LIST CLOSED.

You Are Booking Out So Far! Help!

    I am very excited to have become so busy, but I do know it can be frustrating when trying to book an appointment! I do my best to ensure new clients are welcome, and current clients are able to swing in for a refresh. All new clients are manually booked by myself, once you have come in, online booking will be available for the future. 

Why Do You Charge Differently For Different Curl Patterns?

    I go off of average timing to find my prices! That means that different curly textures, density, etc. may need more or less time so I can provide a proper service.

   That being said, I use the Wavy/Curly/Tight Curl sections to help with ease of booking on the client end. Unsure of what you should book? Email me a picture of your crown :) 

Why Is It So Hard To Find A Curl Specialist? 

    Unfortunately this is because the education does not exist in the traditional hair school curriculum. All of my curl training was done 100% independently on my own time after graduation. I would say the vast majority of the time, everything is either out of town or state for classes as well, So it can be very difficult for stylists to be able to attend good/proper classes that actually respect and understand curls.


Lavender & Sage Salon


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

By Appointment Only

Saturday, Sunday, Monday







5500 Main St #205

Williamsville, NY 14221

Located Inside the My Salon Suites



Email to Contact@LavenderAndSageSalon.com 

I may not reply to every request till I am able to place you in my books, so don't panic, you're on the list! 

I aim to accommodate new clients as much as possible! As stated above, please plan for a weekday and mid-day appointment. Please also refer to the cancellation policy below. 


Cancellation/No Show Policy

A card on file is required, it will only be charged if you choose it at cash out, or to enforce these occurrences:

  • Failure to cancel/reschedule with at least 24 hours notice will result in a 50% cancellation charge of your scheduled service(s) will be charged.

  • If you do NOT show up to your appointment a 100% charge of your scheduled service(s) will be charged.   

        All no-show appointments will no longer be able to book any future appointments at Lavender&Sage LLC.

  • If you arrive late, this will be considered a late cancellation and a new appointment will be scheduled as well as a 50% charge will be charged.

  • If the card on file is declined when charged a cancellation/no show fee you will be UNABLE to book in the future.

Appointment reminders are sent out 48 hours in advance according to your account preferences to give time to allow any changes that need to be made to the upcoming appointment. I understand extenuating circumstances! Please let me know ASAP if something has come up!