How To Prepare For A Curly Cut 



 When you are coming in for a Wavy, Curly, or Super Curly Cut  please come in with your hair according to these guidelines:

  • Hair must be clean, dry, and de-tangled. Please NO NOT brush out your curls after they are dry.

  • Little to no product in.

  • Laying in its natural state (Not pulled back, ect)

I need to see your hair in its natural state, I am here to fix those pesky problem areas and I have to see them to do that.
I know all you curly clients are fantastic at styling to hide those spots, I am here to help fix them!

**Failure to come with your hair prepared for the cut will result in a rescheduling of your appointment, and a fee.




For the Curl Adjustment Cut:Please come with your hair styled how you would normally wear it! This is a quick shape up appointment, I need to see how you are currently wearing your hair! You will receive no sink or styling time with this service. It is to shape up around your face and clean up the perimeter. Appointment times are much shorter than you normally plan for a full curl cut. This service is only available for existing clients up to 4 months past their last curl cut.



Finding the perfect curl routine can be one of the most difficult parts of wearing your hair curly. When you come in please ask any questions you have! During the entire appointment I make sure to let you know what I am using and why.

I will break down how I am drying your hair, and why. So make sure to come in with your mind open! I can help guide you on your curl journey. It is true that a lot of the curly journey is trial and error, I will do my best to help you find the best routine. You are the only person who wears your hair every day, I am just here as a helping hand.

It is 100% fine and expected for your hair to look like this when you come in for your appointment 

So we can work together to try and achieve this! 

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