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A Little Bit About Sam

So a little about myself, I have been doing hair since 2014 and found my calling in curls. Outside of hair I am an avid dog mom to that handsome orange dog, I'm a homebody, and I am always down for a walk/hike with the pup. I don’t know if I could function without caffeine and a good pad thai in my life, and I am always looking for another great podcast!

How did I get into hair?
Easy, I took it in high school because I actually wanted this as my “backup” plan. I had no idea the world I was about to walk into. I finished my cosmetology class and got my licence, but I didn’t start hair right away. I actually worked in a tattoo shop as a body piercer! I finally realized maybe it is time to take a full jump into hair. Let me tell you- I am so glad I did.

“Why the focus in curly hair?”
Well, actually, this was kinda an accident! I took the DevaCurl cutting class as a replacement for another girl in the salon I was working in at the time.  had no idea the impact it would have on my career. Once I took the class, my mind was blown and I knew this is what I wanted to focus on. From there I gathered all the education I could myself, and then became a Curl Coach. I have since resigned from Deva but still love educating and cutting curls! 

"What training have you received?"

I'll just break this down really quick!

2016: Level 1 Inspired Curl Training - Local

2018: DevaCurl Educator Training - Atlanta Ga. 

2019: Level 2 Advanced Curl Training -NYC

2020: Educator Training + Level 3 Certification Curly Training - NYC

2021: N E E D Salon Level 2 Curl Class - Rochester

Plenty of random virtual training.

Needless to say I am dedicated and committed to getting the best education offered to me and providing the best service I can to my clients. 

This brings me to my current chapter in life: 

Between finding DevaCurl Education, being able to share my knowledge with others, and the unbeatable relationships I have formed with my clients. I cannot help myself but to stop and think that between curls and the lovely clients attached, I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the amazing support. I continue to take curl education as I can, and currently use Innersense products at my salon rather than DevaCurl. 

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