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All of my cuts are specifically for curly hair! When you come in for a cut, I will work one on one to create your dream curls. I fully understand that your curls are not only your look, but also part of your lifestyle. My cuts are based on the DevaCut foundation, but I have used my experience and other education to customize your experience. Please note, even if you do not use DevaCurl products you will absolutely benefit from this cut! 

I work in 3 curl sectioning to shape your hair around your head shape, face shape, and curl texture. Keeping your curl ends in good health help with definition, shine, shape, and volume! The benefit of cutting your hair in its dry natural state is we get to watch the shape form as we go. It also will stop the uneven length and from cutting to much length off. When you cut curls wet you distort their natural pattern, keeping your hair dry avoids these problems! So every one who comes into my chair for a curly cut is getting their own personal cut and experience.


Everything I use is 100% Silicone, Paraben, Sulfate, and other no go ingredient free. I mostly work with Innersence Organic Beauty.

Why is this important? This means there is none of the gross stuff, and all of the good stuff. In place of that garbage, I work with a lot of natural plant based ingredients. For example, You will find everything from orange peel, aloe, and even amethyst infused energies. 

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