Why is moisture so important?

I find that a lot of my clients are afraid of moisture. Too often is it connected to "weighed down" curls. Unfortunately that is because there are so many poor quality products out there! Many products will coat the hair in a waxy layer to give the illusion of healthy curls, but after continued use of this you will experience build up, and in turn weighted down curls. Also, without the proper moisture your curls can feel damaged. Too often I see instances where someone is using all these protein masks to fix a moisture product. Unfortunately too much protein will cause breakage. Just be careful and make sure you're using the proper mask, Do not be scared of protein, just use is properly. I will touch on this more in a later post.


How do you avoid crummy products? So when you are looking for a great product to lock in moisture look for a few main things: Sulfate, paraben, and silicone free! This will help reduce build up. Do keep in mind that there are products out there that still are poor quality that meet this guideline.


Ok, that is all well and good, but why do you need moisture? If you do not have moisture then your curls are going to be dull, dry, relaxed, and frizzy! So essentially all the the stuff no-one wants. With the proper moisture, your curls will bounce up more, be healthier, and help combat frizz. Unfortunately frizz is pretty much inevitable, but with properly conditioned curls you can help calm down the frizz. One moisture mask, or one wash day with leave in conditioner is not going to fix everything. Make sure you're constantly conditioning your hair to keep those curls moisturized! I recommend to do a conditioning mask about once a week!


How are you going to get moisture? Think about your body, you hydrate with water and moisturize with lotion. The same thing goes for your hair. You are going to need a great conditioner and leave in, I also love a great styling cream that helps moisturize. Use a deep conditioning mask, follow the instructions on the mask chosen. Some masks can be left in overnight or used with heat for the ultimate conditioning treatment.


The take away from this little post: Do not be afraid of moisture, be afraid of poor quality products. If the quality is poor, or the products are too heavy, you're going to get weighted down and experience excess build up. You NEED moisture to keep your curls bouncy, shiny and healthy.

List of a few favorite products:

DevaCurl One Condition Original ($24)

DevaCurl Leave-In Decadence ($26)

DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture ($28) Mask

DevaCurl Heaven in Hair ($28) Mask

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