Three Top Curl Questions

Here is quick rundown of my top questions I have received, Hopefully this will give you some ah-ha moments!


How do I help fight frizz?!

So frizz is going to be inevitable no matter what you do, but to help keep it to a minimum use more water. What I mean is you need to really work in your conditioner with water! Lock in all the hydration you can. The more hydrated your curl is the less frizzy you are.


How can I get better day 2 hair?

The first steps to day 2 hair, is how you get ready at night. "Pineapple" your hair with a silky scrunchy, then wrap your hair in a silky scarf/bonnet, Then also sleep on a silky pillow case. This might all feel like "wow that's a lot" and yes, you may feel silly, but this is key to helping preserve your curl. Once you wake up gentle take your hair down and spot refresh(working only on the sections that need it). A good product to refresh with is the Mist-er Right by DevaCurl or mixing your conditioner with water, both will help reactivate curl products and give a moisture punch! Another product to mention is the DevaFresh spray which is a scalp refresher, it helps cut odor and soothe the itch between wash days.


Can I brush my hair/How to detangle?

Not when it is dry if you're planning on wearing it out that day! My personal preference when it comes to brushing/detangling is when your hair is wet with conditioner in. Tools to note that have made my life and my clients life easier is the Wet Brush and/or the Denman brush! If you find a section that is highly tangled, tap the brush into the tangles and pull UP on the smaller knots, then continue brushing. You will know what works best for your hair!


Keep in mind, every curl is different. These are just some basic tips. I hope this has helped a little, I will be sharing more in depth on all these topics in later blogs!

If there is a topic you want me to go more into detail with let me know!

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