Favorite Curl Tools

These are my top favorite products to help your curls look their best! I will link where to buy them from in their sections.



1. Diffuser:

-I actually have two I love. The DevaFuser ($50) is awesome for getting your root dried and lifted! It is shaped like a hand so it gets the roots easily and effectively with 360 degree heat dispersal. It is universal to most blow-dryers, It will not work on short nosed or very wide nosed dryers. You may also get it included in the DevaDryer ($159)

-Second one I love is by The Curly Co. ($15.99) it is totally collapsible so it is awesome for travel! It is also a universal diffuser. I have personally been using one for over a year at this point and it is just as durable and feels brand new, I heat it up and cool it down multiple times a day. Some people do have problems with it collapsing while diffusing, I personally have not expedience it, if you are try using less pressure when you diffuse. Let the curl naturally fall and the diffuser cradle the curls.


2. Plush Microfiber Towel:

- The DevaTowel ($20) is pretty large and very plush. Do not use a kitchen microfiber, they are much more rough and scratchy. The DevaTowel is soft to the touch and only absorbs just enough of the water out of your curls. I prefer a microfiber over a cotton t-shirt because you get a better absorption. When you use this, gentle let your curl clumpings fall into your flat hand (under the towel) and scrunch up and hold with gentle pressure. Then let the curls fall down and lay naturally, dry as usual.


3. Lined Showercap:

- The Drybar The Morning After Shower Cap ($16) is great. It is lined with terry cloth so it absorbs moisture insted of your hair. Benefit of this? Your style stays better while you're taking your blazing hot shower (Cause lets be honest, the water is always too hot for any of our own good.) I will NEVER advocate for using terry cloth on curls, except in this situation because you're not using this to start the drying process of your curls.


4. Pin Curl Clips:

- These are a old school clip, and they are amazing. DevaCurl referred me to the Diane Clips ($7.30) on amazon, unfortunately the DevaClips have been discontinued. I love the double prong clips, I feel they give better support. These are great for the air dry curly client. When you put the clips in do not crimp the curls at the base, you want the clip to just support your curl off your scalp. Here is a YouTube video that should help explain better.


5. Hood Dryer:

- Hear me out, These are great, Especially if you like to air dry. Air drying is great but often leaves the roots flat, this helps speed dry the roots to fight against the weight of wet ends. Clip your roots, grab a magazine or your cat, and sit under a really warm dryer for a little bit. You can dry as much or as little as you wish, I also love to diffuse for a few minuets after to get a little extra volume bump. Sally's Roll-About Dryer ($89) Venus Plus Hair Dryer ($185, I do prefer this style)


It may seem like a lot, but I promise once you get your rhythm down for your curls, you will feel more confident. These tools have helped myself and other clients a lot in their journey.

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