Day 2 Hair. Send Help.

Ah yes, the million dollar question. How do I get better day 2 hair!? So sadly I do not have the magic cure for your later days hair. But I have a couple simple tips that I hope can help a little.

So when you wake up and scream when you see yourself in the mirror, please take a step back and figure out why you're screaming. Is it because your hair is a total mess, OR is it because a couple curls are bad and that is all you can focus on. Chances are most of your curls should be ok if you protected hair properly the night before(More to come on that), you just need to give your crazy sections some love.

Single out your crazy curls and spot refresh, hit them with a little water or your fav refresher spray and let them come back to life. Feel free to use a diffuser if need be.

Maybe you do need a whole re-do. If that is the case and it is not time to totally cleanse your hair, re-wet your hair, condition only, then continue with your regularly scheduled routine. (Personally if I wear my hair wavy I have to do this because my curl pattern isn't strong enough to hold up. I also and far too picky.)


So what did I mean when I said protected your hair properly? So, when you get ready for bed the top things I recommend doing are as follow:

1. Pineapple your hair in a silk scrunchy on top of your head. Like make your hair look like the green top part of a pineapple. Doing this helps protect your hair from being laid on too much and supports your crown area. When you take your curls down the next day you should be able to just refresh and fix some out of place pieces.

2. Use a silk bonnet to tuck your "pineapple" into! This creates one of the best barriers between the wildness of sleep and the beautiful perfection of curls.

3. Finally, also use silk pillow case. This helps reduce friction against the curls, as well as being less absorbent than other materials. You might have your hair dry when you go to sleep, but you're laying on top of that pillow for hours each night, eventually it will pull moisture out.


Real silk is preferable, but if you can at-least get that texture, you're on the right path! I hope this helped a little!

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